Executives for Publicly Traded Corporations have the resources to hire specialist consultants to solve any problem that arises in the course of business. The owners and managers of small and mid-sized businesses rarely have the luxury of these resources. Yet, they often face many of the same challenges. These individuals have two choices; they either invest time they don’t have or the job doesn’t get done. That is not much of a choice. Often, all these owners and managers need is a little advice or instruction on how to complete a task that resolves the issue.

Balance Coach and Consulting, LLC can meet this need. Do you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to wow a new customer? How about using data analysis to predict whether an offer from a supplier is a good deal? Can a review of your Payables result in changes that will create better terms from your suppliers?These are all problems that Balance Coach and Consulting, LLC can help resolve.

Despite all the time and effort you devote to your business, do you have even more time to invest in learning more about Business? Do you have to spend more of your precious time away from family? Or, would you rather call on a professional company that is designed to solve these problems for you? We will help you learn about financial statements, hiring staff, valuing your business, growing your business and planning for the future.

Many small business owners have also successfully run their business for many years. It is now time to start thinking about retirement. You have dreamed of this day, but have you prepared for it? Are you going to just close up shop? What about your loyal customers? Are they going to have to find someone new? This is a good time to begin to plan you next steps. Your business has value. We can help. Whether you want to sell your business, pass it on to a family member or simply sell the assets of the company, we have the expertise to help you get fair value and provide funding for your retirement.

Our services are designed to help get that project done without taking any more time from your family life. You CAN make it to that wedding, graduation or reunion. Creating a better work/life balance is possible. Your journey begins with Balance Coach and Consulting. We will help you learn about financial statements, hiring employees, valuing your business, expanding your business and planning for the future.



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